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I turned to crossfit for so many reasons.... I was becoming a lonely old bird, tired of hearing guys say that I'm not slim enough and they're not interested, tired of having lipidema, tired of feeling like a dough ball and tired of trying to keep my head above the sea of depression. So erm basically I was tired!.


But for me to ask for help, to show that I can't do something, to make myself... vulnerable to criticism and judgement and most of all to walk into somewhere where I don't know anyone is all of my fears and insecurities rolled into one. But I did it. Believe me there was tears, knocking knees and a whole heap of self doubt..... before and during WODs! But I felt a sense of achievement after a WOD that has become addictive!!! Not only had I survived the workouts but I'd also started to feel a sense of belonging.


Who knew that having people tell you that you CAN do something makes you believe it yourself! The best thing about Deviant...... You will get nothing but love and support! Even if you feel you’re not good enough, there’ll be plenty of people around you telling you that YOU ARE!!!



It happened to me.


And if you’re reading this, chances are it’s happened to you, too.


Harsh realities come at the most unexpected times. For me that came when I was ejected from the Olympic talent program. The normality and simplicity of routine went out the window. Everything I knew and trained for just dissolved. I became what I never anticipated... A couch potato! After about 12 months of doing nothing I decided to join a gym. 4 years went by of consistent inconsistencies. It took a friend and fellow deviant member to suggest CrossFit to me. And that was it, hooked like a hook-grip!


Crossfit Deviant are masters at their craft. I do not throw that out there lightly. They take special & specific care of each athlete in an extremely intelligent way. All coaches go the extra mile to do things as safely as possible with the appropriate scales. It’s perfectly balanced with hard work and smart training.


These last 5 months have been incredible. I cannot thank Rob Mills and Athalie Redwood-Brown enough. Crossfit Deviant is a place to be proud and also be humbled. I am challenged, stretched, and encouraged to do my absolute best by my coaches and peers who are all in it together. Go Team Deviant!!



Having joined Crossfit Deviant just over 6 months ago with no idea of what it meant to be part of such a unique community, it makes me wonder why the combination of elite training and genuine friendship didn't find me sooner.


You can't buy passion, forge commitment or imitate dedication which is what I feel makes our coaches different at Deviant. Whether your lifting for the next Crossfit Games or just getting your first pull up, Rob and Kristen know just how to pitch their coaching, not to mention their encouragement that leads to those all important "crossfit moments".


The change in your fitness performance only forms part of what it means to be "part of the box". I don't think any member can deny the impact of how it feels to continuously progress in a sport that tests your limits every single session, in an environment that almost feels like a second home.



I don't think anything I write will do justice to the difference Rob and Kristen (and the rest of you) have made in my life.


We all joined crossfit for difference reasons, some mental, some physical. I joined because I had suffered with depression for so long and wanted something to help me cope and make me feeling stronger. There has never been a day when Rob hasn't pushed me to my full potential and hasn't pushed to get the best out of me. Some days I come in feeling low but I always leave feeling like a warrior, and Rob makes sure of it.


You have literally helped to save my life and for that I can never ever thank you enough. So much love for Rob, Kristen and the rest of you amazing lot



I signed up to CrossFit when I was four months pregnant with my second child.
I could not remember myself before children and could feel any evidence of my former figure and fitness slipping away.

It was very much a fork in the road for me – I had run out of excuses and eventually went along with a friend.

I had a huge amount of support from the coaches in my transition from pregnant beginner way into my 3rd trimester and in the post-natal period.  I am proof that you do not need to be fit or strong to start.  All you need to do is keep turning up! 
CrossFit has had a huge impact on me mentally and physically.  I feel younger and fitter for my boys and more able to cope with the daily stressors of life.

Friends ask me about my ‘gym’ – Deviant is so much more than a gym!!  The box Rob and Ath have built is a community of support, friendship and encouragement.  There is always someone there to cheer you on or help with words of support.
It doesn’t matter how I feel before the start of a session I always leave Deviant with more energy, feeling more positive and having accomplished something for myself.

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